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A Case of the (Tranquil) Blues

When you hear the words “a case of the blues” it typically has a sad connotation, but instead I get a feeling of tranquility when I see and photograph blues.

Today’s creative “assignment” for The Daily Artisan was to compile some of my photograph favorites of blues (with a few of my blue art items thrown in as well).

There are so many beautiful shades of blue around us every day, from natural settings of skies and waters – to buildings – to everyday items in our homes.

It’s one of my favorite colors, as found in a previous blog post about photographing during the magical blue hour!

The below photographs are compiled in a single layout, so you can enlarge the first one and click/swipe through to the last picture of a spectacularly blue sunset in my back yard.

Do you also enjoy having a case of the blues (so to speak!)?

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