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A Cookbook … And The Small World of Social Media

As a social media newbie, I’m finding it’s a small world!

Yesterday on Instagram I saw a post of a spectacular chicken pot pie from @fortheloveofthesouth. I liked it and left a comment — and later it dawned on me this was by Amber Wilson who’s the author of cookbook “For The Love Of The South” I’d included here in a February blog post on The Daily Artisan.

A bit shy and starstruck by it, I sent her a message saying how much I love her cookbook and telling her about my blog post — and she wrote back the sweetest note!

That blog post highlighted my six favorite cookbooks that do more than cook! They’re my favorite kind where the recipes are interlaced with beautiful stories about the people, ingredients, traditions, and communities where certain foods are very popular. 

Regardless of where you grew up, chances are good there’s a food story around that place – and for me, it’s Southern cooking.

It was such a thrill yesterday to connect these dots – and to thank Amber for both the cookbook and her kindness to a starstruck fan!

If you didn’t read the post at the time, I hope you’ll check it out for more on “For The Love Of The South” and the five other amazing cookbooks that do more than cook!

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May 16, 2022



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