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A Sunset … Becomes Pink Flowers

Yesterday about 40 minutes before sunset, I went over to a place where I’ve gotten some pretty photographs, but the sky colors weren’t all that spectacular. I was thinking I’d just take a few shots and head home when I noticed dozens of large bushes with pretty little pink flowers – some in bloom and others at bud.

I wandered over to them and as soon as I took a few photos, I knew that’s where I needed to be focusing my attention!

Some Unusual Things Happened

At first in the brighter light, the flower petals were such a pale pink they looked almost white. Then as the sun was going down, the flowers became much more pink, and there were some unusual (at least for me) effects in the photographs.

A Different Bokeh (Background Blurring) Effect

With some of the earlier pictures, I shot the flowers with a lake and bright sky behind them. These developed into a bokeh effect that actually was the outline shape of the bunches of flowers – and not bokeh circles or swirls.

I didn’t realize this was happening until later when I was home and looking at what I got. The white “halo” reminded me of making shadow puppets on the wall as a child!

Purple Magically Appears

Another unusual effect was with one particular bush. Instead of bright light from the lake and sky behind the flowers, there was a semi-circular backdrop of similar bushes but without any flowers.

I leaned my upper body into the little enclosure to shoot the flowers in front, and for some reason these photographs came out with a beautiful purple background. And believe me, there was no obvious purple anywhere around!

Even though I’m still trying to figure out exactly why and how this purple happened, I’m thrilled with the results.

My best guess is that the approaching darker sky and the dark green of the enclosing background bushes picked up a purple tone from the pink flowers, but I’m not sure. I just know I like the purple and how it magically appeared.

Photography A Great Lesson For Life

Photography is a great lesson for life – sometimes the thing you think you want and go for in a big way turns out to be less important than the special surprise waiting for you around the corner!

Enjoy the photographs – not a sunset among them!

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May 13, 2022



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