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A Walk In The Woods Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day 2022 was observed a couple of days ago, and we were encouraged to engage and invest in preservation of the natural world around us.

Perhaps it starts for many people with a recognition of just how much the natural world gives us. If you haven’t lately, taking a walk in the woods is a wonderful reminder of our earth’s beauty and lifeblood.

When the world gets loud and you’re looking for peace of mind or an adventure, put on a pair of old boots and grab your camera to set out for a walk in the woods. If you don’t have access to land where you live, plenty of state and national parks will welcome you.

It’s amazing what spending time slowly wandering about and looking at nature’s beautiful gifts will do. You’ll come out on the other end feeling refreshed, revised, and reminded that every day is earth day just waiting for us outside the noise and hectic routines.

Today’s blog post by The Daily Artisan provides some photographs I’ve taken on recent walks through the woods – for earth day and the earth way!

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