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Abalone Bird?

The popular expression “Neither Fish Nor Fowl” (meaning something difficult to classify) is what I thought of when I photographed this creature that looks like a cross between a jewel-toned abalone shell and a shiny black bird!

The bright colors on the bird are not just a reflection from the water, but rather the actual colors of the feathers. One of the below photos is the same bird on a nearby concrete dock – as naturally jewel-toned as ever!

Birds are especially interesting to photograph although this can come with risky challenges as I previously posted on The Daily Artisan. I don’t like when they swoop close to my head but I do enjoying taking pictures of them.

Some of my bird photographs didn’t make it into the previous post “Trying to Take a Bird’s Photograph (Say Cheese!)” and there are some new bird and duck photos, so I’m making today’s post about these fowl and their interesting colors and feather patterns. (Be sure to see the crazy dive-bombing pelicans at Boca Grande!)

At the end of the post, I’m including some of the bird photos from that earlier post. (A bad pun here would be along the lines of … birds of a feather flock together …)

Enjoy my photographs – starting with the “Abalone Bird” – and remember to “duck” as needed if you’re in the field with a camera in your hands!

The Early(ier) Birds!

Do you like using birds in your creative projects like photography, painting, drawing, etc.? Be sure to comment below!

March 13, 2022



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