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Adventures Both Obvious And Hidden …

In addition to photographing obvious, pretty things, something I enjoy about outdoor photography is the opportunity to scout around for unexpected things behind the scenes. By “behind the scenes,” I mean things other than the big, showy flowers or sunsets you’re really there to photograph!

Last week, I photographed at beautiful Naples Botanical Garden – and as always, there were amazing flowers and plants everywhere you and your camera looked. Honestly, I think you could get good photographs here even with your eyes closed! It’s such an amazing place.

In addition to focusing on flowers, I found some interesting, hidden things that weren’t immediately apparent. They included:

(1) Shots of water lily ponds — more specifically, water lily seed pods with little seeds that look like blueberries. A bright blue sky overhead made for interesting colors and shapes on the water – and they reminded me of abstract paintings. 

(2) The top-of-page photograph is a spiderweb I found by crawling into some bushes with dappled skylight filtering in through the leaves. That sunlight made for interesting colors and bokeh shapes (check out the “floating egg” in the top right!) all around the spiderweb – and it also reminded me of an abstract painting.

Here are some more of the flowers and seed pods from that day.

Discovering is fun (says The Daily Artisan)!

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September 14, 2022



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