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Part 2 (Monday/Owl): An Early Morning Adventure With Camera In Hand

From my below adventure yesterday, the shots posted today are of a burrowing owl who spent about an hour with me while I was photographing cows!

Burrowing owls are commonly seen here in south Florida but from what I’ve read, usually an hour or two before sundown. However, this one appeared soon after the blue fog burned off and daylight arrived.

He moved around a few times but didn’t seem at all concerned by my camera or me. Sometimes he would perch on one leg and other times two — just calmly watching me take pictures of cows (and of him sometimes as well)!

Check back tomorrow for more photographs from this adventure!

Part 1 (Sunday): An Early Morning Adventure With Camera In Hand

This morning I got out early with my camera before daylight to a rural spot 15 minutes away from home. I was expecting to photograph the darkness into daybreak but was pleasantly surprised by the addition of thick fog!

The blue and black combination of darkness, fog, and approaching skylight was magical. And, then after daylight, I photographed birds; an owl I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot; cows; and more – and ended up staying there for four hours.

Today I’m posting some of the early morning photographs — and over the next few days I’ll post some of waking cows; soaring birds; and that owl that hung around for more than an hour seemingly unafraid of my camera or me.

What a beautiful way to start the day!

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