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Another Instagram Hub Selects This Photograph As a Feature!

Surprising news arrived this afternoon that a second Instagram hub in a themed competition has selected this photograph of a pink flower!

On Sunday, the photo was chosen by the @asi_es_flores Instagram hub – and today it was selected as a gallery feature in the “Pink” competition by @colorchasechallenge.

The “Pink” contest runs the full month of June. So far, 3,049 photographs have been entered into this competition, and including mine, seven have been chosen as features. I’m not sure how many winners will be named over the month, but it’s such a honor to have your work noticed and I am very grateful to be among them!

The little flower came to my attention early Saturday morning when I went out exploring with my camera after big rains the night before. A few leftover rain drops were still on the petals, and I loved the buds behind the solitary flower, and its tiny, center stalk that seemed to be saying, “Hello, world!”

Here’s the Instagram announcement about today’s selection – thank you, @colorchasechallenge!

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