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Back-To-Back Spectacular Sights Last Night And This Morning

There are lots of places in the world with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, but Florida’s have to be a standout among them! I photographed back-to-back spectacular ones last night and this morning.

Last Night’s Sunset (plus Golden Hour, Blue Hour, and Thunder Storm)

Last night, I grabbed my camera and ran outside to the most unusual combination of (1) an approaching storm with thunder and lightning; (2) the golden hour; (3) sunset; and (4) the blue hour — all within about 30 minutes!

It was a spectacular night.

I didn’t use color filters or make any editing adjustments to the photographs — this is how they came out of the camera. It was all Mother Nature over our beautiful state of Florida!

I feel blessed to have seen it.

This Morning’s Sunrise

I couldn’t tell you if I was dreaming about last night’s sunset — or this morning’s coming sunrise — but I woke up really early and ran outside with my camera to get photographs of the sunrise and then as it became a soft, blue morning.

I was not disappointed in this start to my day!

Once again, Florida’s sunsets and sunrises were spectacular!

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August 4, 2022



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