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Baking Today In My Favorite G.K.P. Apron

When I launched The Daily Artisan in November, I wanted to get something new to mark the occasion.

In Martha Stewart’s Living magazine, I’d read about a great apron company in California, with a compelling story on the founder of the business G.K.P. (Good Kitchen Products).

My time baking and cooking in the kitchen is greatly enjoyable, so an apron seemed like the perfect choice for my special purchase. It was a difficult decision from all the beautiful choices, but I picked this one (and photographed it with a sunflower on arrival) – and it’s the best apron I’ve ever had! 

Today I’m spending time in my apron as I’m baking a Mother’s Day cake for my mother tomorrow. Check out my previous blog post “10 Favorites In My Kitchen” (including the apron) in the link in bio for The Daily Artisan.

Are you baking today?!

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May 8, 2022



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