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Berries and Buds

One of the things I enjoy most about photography is how it causes you to look close and see details. Every day we pass by hundreds of things that don’t give us the photographic experience of really focusing and noticing, but flowers out in the wild can be a great source of these small yet beautiful details.

On The Daily Artisan blog, I’ve previously posted about how leaves and trees – as compared to their beautiful floral counterparts – often go unnoticed, and the same can be said of berries and buds on flowers and plants.

I can’t say I’ve ever grabbed my camera with the intention of going out specifically to photograph buds and berries, but when I find them, they easily can become the star of the show!

Today I spent some time looking at photos I’ve shot that include berries and buds, and while quite honestly in some cases I can’t tell you which is which (berry or bud) or anything about them, I just know they can make beautiful elements in a photograph.

Sometimes I’ll go in tight to focus on their detail, and other times they’ll be in my shot’s background to contribute to the overall color and feel of the photograph. Sometimes they cast dreamy reflections when the light hits them just right, and sometimes the textures and shapes alone are enough to make you stop.

Maybe it’s because they’re so small and colorful that I love finding them like little gems hidden in the woods.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photographs, and agree with me that while berries and buds can be overlooked, they should be noticed for their distinctive style and beauty. Look closely to see – sometimes past the larger flowers – they may be small, but they’re there!

Here are some of my favorites I’ve enjoyed shooting over the years.

Are there small things like berries and buds that you notice and enjoy in nature? Please comment below!

January 11, 2022



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