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Bird Photographs Win Two More Competitions Today! (Second One)

Certainly I never set out to be a BIRD photographer, but some of the photos are doing well in Instagram competitions, including two more wins today!

This second one was for a themed hub of “Nature,” and it’s another shot of the two parrots sitting together on a perch at the Naples Zoo. I was thrilled to get two birds together for photographs, and I love their expressions toward each other!

This particular Instagram hub is @1natureshot, currently with 8,055 followers. This is my first win from the hub, and I’m very grateful for the introduction to the hub’s followers. I’ve been entering some photographs here but hadn’t won until today. The hub selects one photograph per day from Instagram as a feature, and I’m thrilled to be today’s!

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the new selection – thank you, @1natureshot!

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July 20, 2022



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