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Burnished Treasures

Weathered woods, metals, stones, barnacles, and tiles have a beauty that’s not replicated in modern fabrications, and they make interesting subjects for photographs.

Burnished by years and life, these found treasures are all about texture and patina. And if they could talk, they would tell stories of ages past; of hands that built or used them; and of a lifestyle very different from the one we live today.

With camera in hand, I enjoy both seeking out these burnished treasures and also stumbling on them! They make me wonder about their past, and when you run your hands over the weathered materials, it feels as if you’ve been transported to a time long ago.

Here are some of these treasures I’ve found and photographed.

Do you enjoy exploring old, weathered buildings and tools? Where have you found them (so I can go also!)? Please comment below!

December 27, 2021



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