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Camouflage Cows??!

Recently when I was out photographing cows, some of them acted like they were playing hide and seek with me!

They were very interested in what I was doing, but they seemed to think they were hiding (in plain … and yes, large … sight) in the tall grasses. 

Cows make me happy and they make me laugh … and a “camouflage” cow is funny! Meet some of them!

Camouflage Cow #1!

“Camouflage Cow #1” is one of my favorite cows of the bunch. She always comes up to see what I’m doing, and I would swear she knows it’s me (or at least I like to think she does when I talk to her)!

Is it egotistical to think a cow recognizes you??!

Camouflage Cow #2!

“Camouflage Cow #2” is another one of my favorites. Look closely at those beautiful colors, especially on the face and ears. Such a pretty (“hiding”) cow!

Camouflage (Baby) Cow #3!

“Camouflage Cow #3” is the baby cow I previously posted. She briefly slipped away from her mama to come closer to see me … while, of course, staying covered (hidden, so to speak … ) in the grass! So adorable.

You just gotta love cows – especially camouflage cows!

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