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Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day Today!

On May 15 each year, Americans celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day!

While chocolate chips can be used in a variety of foods – mostly sweet, but some savory – the iconic chocolate chip cookie is what most people think of with chocolate chips.

Poll Results (and some shocking recipes)

Some online survey results I found indicate that 93% of Americans love or like chocolate chips – and 7% dislike or hate them (oh, my)!

As for the survey respondents’ favorite ways of eating chocolate chips, the top five are:

  • 44%: In chocolate chip cookies;
  • 15%: In raw cookie dough (be still, my heart);
  • 11%: Out of the bag;
  • 10%: In ice cream; and
  • 6%: In granola bars.

Since these percentages don’t add up to 100, I’m thinking the others may enjoy some non-traditional (there’s an understatement …) recipes I just found online: Chickpea Chocolate Chip Dip; Chocolate-Chip-Covered Strawberry Kale Bread; or Chocolate-Chip-Covered Mac & Cheese. (Double oh my…)

Healthy eaters may enjoy some of the unusual recipes, but call me a traditionalist when it comes to my chocolate chips – they belong with sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract for cookies like these I baked and photographed! (A cold glass of milk makes them even tastier.)

Enjoy 2022 National Chocolate Chip Day with the treat of your choosing (traditional or otherwise)!

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May 16, 2022



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