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Celebrate World Stationery Day With A Note To A Loved One!

Today, April 20, is World Stationery Day, and it’s designed to celebrate the written form of expression by encouraging people to write a note to friends, family, and loved ones.

Taking the time to write and send a personal message will be warmly received and appreciated!

Special notes from people mean a lot to me, and I hold on to the ones I receive. It’s one of the reasons I included note card sets of my photography in the online shop for The Daily Artisan.

Of course I hope The Daily Artisan can supply your note card needs, but regardless, please celebrate World Stationery Day with a handwritten note – even if it’s on the back of an envelope or a scrap piece of paper (okay, maybe not so much a scrap … but you get my drift).

Previously I posted the backstory about the photographs I took and selected for the four note card sets sold by The Daily Artisan:

Since starting my business The Daily Artisan in November, I would have to say that doing these photographs and layouts for the note card sets has been one of the most enjoyable parts! Each note card set includes eight different photographed scenes, blank inside and with envelopes. If you’re interested in making a purchase or for more information, you can click on the above links, or the store page.

Tonight’s blog post features the individual photographs in each set of note cards.

Seriously, though, the most important thing for World Stationery Day is to take a few minutes and write a note to someone to say thank you, congratulations, good luck, love you, get well soon, or appreciate your friendship!

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