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Cottage Roses Go Rustic

Late today I got some gorgeous cottage roses – some in solid yellow, and others in painterly red and gold with touches of magenta.

Long-stemmed roses are exquisite, but cottage roses have a more easy-going, informal feel, and I like pairing them with a rustic, cottage theme.

Today was busy with finalizing photos and entering my first-ever Instagram challenge (black and purple photography is the theme), and I lost my natural light shooting the cottage roses tonight.

I was able to grab just a handful of pictures, and today’s post is one of those photographs as a tease for tomorrow with more of the cottage roses in a still life scene.

And, later in the week, I’ll have a blog post on The Daily Artisan with my contest entries and some additional purple and black photographs.

In the meantime, think dreamy yellows, reds, golds and magentas!

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