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Cotton Candy, Strawberry Ice Cream, Bubble Gum … Pink!

Colors and our reactions to them fascinate me, and it’s interesting to learn which favorite colors go with which people. The color pink is one of my favorites, and I spent some time reading about what it represents and symbolizes. Turns out it has more associations than just cotton candy, strawberry ice cream, and bubble gum!

In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope, and calmed feelings. It symbolizes youth and playfulness, as well as affection, harmony, tenderness, romance, and charm. Pink has been described as the sweet side of red, and it’s the flush of first love. Pink covers a lot of ground!

At my art table, the first watercolor to run out is pink, and it’s the first colored pencil that needs sharpening, the first ribbon spooled, and the first patterned paper used. It’s my go-to art color, and here are a few examples of my reach for pink:

All the pink got me thinking today about some of my favorite things, and I put together a color grid like the one in the previous That Turquoise Skirt post. It’s really just a celebration of all things pink … so here goes!

1:  Pink cottage roses photographed and included in the recent Trying Something New … in Pink and Blue post. Six days later, they’re still looking beautiful (although the blue hydrangeas are done).

2:  A pretty pink pocketbook by Kate Spade. (What can I say … in the South, they’re never purses or handbags, just pocketbooks.)

3:  A digital art piece I made a while back. A few others are included in the photo gallery for arts and crafts. Even though they’re fun to make on the computer with adding various elements and design features, I can’t say I like doing them better than holding a pen or paint brush in my hands. (See #7)

4:  Some of the jewelry I make – selected pink necklaces and earrings.

5:  Pink rose patterns, dusty rose solids … you really can never have too many pairs of shoes like these! Patterned shoe by Blowfish Malibu, and solid shoe by Sperry.

6:  Vanilla cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting made for a friend’s birthday! This cake and its lemon yellow partner were featured in the post Fancy Cakes – Part 1.

7:  A little watercolor from one day when I was feeling particularly (old school) pink.

8:  Pink art supplies, and the Pantone Matching System Formula Guide from my first job after college that I still use for matching and selecting colors.

What does the color pink make you think of, and is it also one of your favorite colors? Be sure to comment below!

December 4, 2021



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