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Dancing Bunny Shows Up All Over The Place When Maximizing Your Original Artwork!

A simple line drawing can be used in multiple art forms. Not only does it maximize the use of your original artwork, it’s also fun to see how many different ways it can be used.

In this case, my Dancing Bunny shows up all over the place!

Initially, I drew her in pencil and then inked and hand-colored her for an “It’s Spring” greeting card, but I also found some other fun uses for Dancing Bunny. She just keeps showing up all over the place!

Using the original artwork, I next scanned her (as a hand-colored illustration) onto solid backgrounds for various greeting card fronts:

Then, I experimented with digitally coloring the black-and-white image (instead of the hand-coloring I typically do). While I prefer the look of hand-coloring for personal greeting cards, the digitally colored version is a fun way to mix it up and use your original artwork over and over.

You’ll notice Dancing Bunny’s outfit is digitally colored in a different scheme instead of the colors I used to hand-color her with COPIC Sketch Markers:

I gave her hands and feet motion swirls since she always is on the move as a dancing bunny!

Since I now had her as a digital image, she visited an assortment of locations … moving, moving, moving!

For the first two here, I incorporated some other digital images, including gold stars, red hearts, and a heart-touched pocketbook:

Up next, Dancing Bunny has moved outdoors – to a grassy field, tennis court, and football field – she is everywhere you look!

Be sure to get multiple uses out of your original artwork – and in this case, enjoy seeing just where Dancing Bunny shows up!

Do you use a single piece or image of your artwork in multiple ways? Please comment below!

February 22, 2022



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