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Designing Cards with Paper Dresses

As far back as I can remember as a little girl, I’ve loved paper dolls and paper doll dresses! And in my adult years, I enjoy doing arts and crafts projects that incorporate this popular childhood pastime.

You can draw them, paint them, fabricate them, collage them, emboss them, and on and on.

Handmade greeting cards are one great way to showcase your paper doll art.

Today’s post is about a set of greeting cards I made with paper dresses and handmade envelopes to match each dress. They were a lot of fun to do, and add something special to an otherwise blank card. And, of course each dress has attached bling to really make it shine!

There are eight cards and envelopes in the set. I wouldn’t even try to guess how many sheets of patterned paper I own, but having a large supply means lots of choices when crafting. I spent hours poring over various options before deciding on eight color schemes for cutting out the dresses for the card fronts, and making the matching envelopes.

The cards are 5″x7″, and feature the dresses and accompanying envelopes shown in these photographs.

The envelopes were made from patterned papers that match or complement the dress papers. The dresses are constructed from paper with various textures such as raised crystal sparkle, flocked velvet, relief embossed, suede, and metallic. If you look closely, you’ll see the envelope flaps feature a smaller dress also cut from papers that match or complement each card front’s dress and the envelope.

And, don’t miss the three-dimensional “gemstones” on the dresses, including on belts!

It’s fun to receive a greeting card like these that are one of a kind, handmade, and not machine or mass produced.

And, you can’t go wrong when paper dolls and paper dresses are featured as the star of the show!

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What kind of handmade crafts do you enjoy making? Are paper dolls or paper dresses included? Be sure to comment below!

December 20, 2021



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