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Despite The Absence Of Color, White Flowers Draw Me In

As much as I love photographing bright, colorful flowers, there’s something special about white flowers that just draws me in. They represent softness and purity, and I’m fascinated how nearby colors like green leaves or yellow centers really set them off.

It’s hard to choose an overall favorite flower, but in my top two or three are white roses for all the above reasons and more.

White flowers are beautiful when fresh and pure white, but also when the edges begin to turn like the burnished copper in a couple of the photos.

Today I was thinking about white flowers, and while I didn’t have any new ones to photograph, I looked back through some pictures I’ve taken over the years – and they are the subject of today’s blog post by The Daily Artisan.

When photographing white flowers in the field, I find myself tiptoeing up to them with reverence and quietly pressing the shutter button.

As you’re out and about, be sure to notice these absence-of-color flowers that are so stunning in their own right!

Do you like white flowers? What’s your favorite kind? Please comment below!

March 17, 2022
March 19, 2022



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