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Easter Tomatoes, Bell Pepper Baskets, and Red Cabbage Grass!

In the market, I saw beautiful, bite-size tomatoes of multi-colors and immediately thought of colorful Easter eggs!

This was the first time I’ve seen these tomatoes, and they’re called Sangria® Medley Tomatoes from the Pure Flavor® brand – and they seriously are as delicious as Easter candy (chocolate or otherwise)!

Let me quote from the Pure Flavor® information about Sangria® Medley Tomatoes I found online because it can’t be better said: “All the colors, tastes and textures of the rainbow: sweet, tart, plump & juicy. You name it. Close your eyes and pick your flavor.”


When I saw these gorgeous tomatoes, I wanted to photograph them as “Easter eggs” so I needed little Easter baskets to hold them. As I looked around the other produce, I found red, green and yellow bell peppers and they became my “Easter baskets,” decorated with shredded red cabbage as the “Easter grass.”

If there’s a tastier or healthier way to celebrate Easter eating, I don’t know what it would be! While I still will be making a traditional (as in sugar and frosting) Easter cake for Sunday, I’m enjoying this healthy alternative over the next few days.

The (larger) heirloom tomatoes shown are from a different source, but their colors were perfect with the little ones. All of it made a fun subject for my creative photography project today for The Daily Artisan!

Happy Healthy and Delicious (Pre) Easter!

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April 13, 2022



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