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Eight Photographs Selected As Competition Features!

This past week has been great with eight photographs selected as features in Instagram competition – bringing the total to 69 wins! I’m excited and appreciative about the increased exposure this brings for The Daily Artisan.

Each week I’m continuing to enter various photographs into Instagram hubs featuring competitions for colors, themes, and types of shots (still life, flatlay, etc.). These opportunities to introduce The Daily Artisan to a larger (hubs) audience than my own is great, and I’m thrilled with new followers in recent months.

The eight wins are detailed below (in the condensed version). Enjoy!

(Click on photos to enlarge)

1. Watering Can With Yellow And Orange Cottage Roses (closeup): Instagram Hub @photoquestweekly

872 hub followers.

2. Peaches In Wire Basket: Instagram Hub @hiyapapayaphotoaday

11,200 hub followers.

3. Pink Tulips: Instagram Hub @bestoftheusa_flowers

3,176 hub followers.

4. Watering Can With Orange And Yellow Cottage Roses: Instagram Hub @hiyapapayaphotoaday

11,200 hub followers.

5. Purple Water Lily: Instagram Hub @photoquestweekly


6. Blue Fog Over Boathouse: Instagram Hub @bluecolour_favourite

79 hub followers. (New hub that started on August 18, 2022)

7. Homemade Bread With Stenciled Leaves: Instagram Hub @hiyapapayaphotoaday


8. Purple Sunset Over Lake: @and_the_purple_crayon


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August 29, 2022



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