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Enchanting Waters

Water is essential for us to survive, but it also helps us thrive creatively and emotionally.

The connection we feel to water – oceans, lakes, ponds, seas and waterfalls – can be a great source of inspiration for how we live our lives, and how we depict our dreams and passions through artistic expression. The Daily Artisan is about finding ways to infuse more creativity into our everyday pursuits and thoughts, and I can’t think of anything in nature that captivates me more than water.

Its effects run the gamut from soothing to gut-churning, and the appeal of water cannot be denied. It enchants and it awes, and I love its sounds; the feel on my skin; its rich beauty of colors; the dramatic moments it makes; and the quiet ways it speaks to us.

For all these reasons and more, I especially enjoy photographing water in its varied forms and settings. Getting to experience it is about much more than capturing a pretty picture, but most importantly letting yourself get lost in its enchantment.

Today’s post pairs some of my water photographs with water-themed quotations by others who are cited. Spend a moment to really take in the colors and scenes, and imagine what it feels like to be standing before these waters. I’m confident it will take you to a place of creativity and inspiration in the enchanting ways only water can!

Is water a source of inspiration for you? What does it make you want to create, or think about? Be sure to comment below!

January 12, 2022



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