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Fire Up Your Test Kitchen – With Creativity and Strawberries!

One of the best things about creativity in the kitchen is trying new things, and today I used the beautiful strawberries featured in my Sunday post for National Strawberry Day to bake delicious cinnamon and strawberry muffins!

The Daily Artisan celebrates creativity in our daily lives in all kinds of ways, and being in the kitchen with one of my favorite foods – strawberries – was a great way to spend the afternoon along with my camera.

If you didn’t get a chance to read that post for National Strawberry Day, check it out for some interesting information about strawberries – including the surprising new fact I learned. It turns out strawberries are part of the rose family, which is why I paired red roses with those beautiful, Florida-grown strawberries in the post’s photographs.

As for today’s use of the strawberries, I made cinnamon muffins with chunks of fresh strawberry baked inside, and the tops sprinkled with turbinado sugar mixed with vanilla extract. These are some flavors and smells that work really well together!

My Sunday red roses – the strawberry’s relative – are still beautiful today, so I included them in the photographs of the yummy muffins.

This was the best kind of leisurely afternoon – baking something new – styling a scene for photographing the muffins – and using some of the kitchen photo props I recently posted about purchasing in my visit to the antiques shops in Arcadia.

I enjoyed every minute of this time today, and hope you enjoy the photos. And be sure to create something new with strawberries in your kitchen – they’re in luscious season and very versatile!

Do you have a favorite dish to bake with strawberries? Please share with everyone by commenting below!



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