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First Day With A Lensbaby!

Spoiler alert! My first day using a Lensbaby!

After admiring Lensbaby photography on Instagram, I ordered the Velvet 85 lens — and today was my first day using it! (For non-Lensbaby users, they’re special effects lenses with manual-only focus, and really shake up your usual shooting approaches like sharp focus.)

I live about 45 minutes from the botanical garden and nervously forced myself to take only this lens with me today. It’s a very different way of shooting and I enjoyed it! My “keep” rate at the end of the day was much lower than usual, and I’ve got a lot to learn about this kind of photography.

Here’s a line from Lensbaby that really resonated: “Lensbaby is the enemy of perfection, an ally of the unusual, and an advocate for the unique.”

Mastering the Lensbaby is going to require some work, but I’m excited to practice and learn! Here are some of my photos from today (be kind to the newbie)!

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