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Four Items + Your Imagination

What do the following four things have in common? A piece of burlap; a Kodak 35mm camera that went through the Korean War; a $4 bunch of carnations; and a shopkeeper’s antique ledger with daily coat sales and the weather?

If you guessed “nothing,” you would be correct!

However, for today’s creative challenge, I selected these four things and pulled them together by styling various scenes to photograph. It’s a great way to look at seemingly incongruent objects and find ways to turn them into a tapestry of pretty moments before your camera.

As for the items, (1) the burlap came from my stash of photography props; (2) years before Daddy passed away, he wanted me to have the 1950s Kodak 35mm camera he carried with him during wartime service in Korea; (3) the carnations caught my eye today with their subtle tones of green and pink; and (4) the antique ledger for 1958-1963 came from a shop in Georgia where I rummaged through old record books.

I’m always interested in the juxtaposition of different textures when taking pictures, and today’s items gave a lot to work with – from the coarse burlap; the velvety and ruffled petals of the carnations; the folding-metal 35mm film camera and its still-smooth brown leather case; and the creamy ledger paper with meticulous pencil-written notes each day.

Finding and taking creative challenges is what The Daily Artisan is all about – infusing more creativity into our lives to find more joy in our lives. I challenge you to select four items and do something creative with them – photography, drawing, painting, poetry, song-writing or whatever you’d like.

With your imagination, the sky’s the limit for what you’ll come up with as your creation!

Burlap, and “Beat Yesterday” Sales Ledger:

Vintage Kodak 35mm Camera, and Carnations:

The Scenes:

If you accept The Daily Artisan challenge, what will be your four items? Please comment below!

March 14, 2022
March 16, 2022



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