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From Cow to Ant

Photographing animals and bugs – everything from a cow to an ant – can be fun and also challenging. In most cases, you’ll want to use a zoom lens on your camera to be able to capture detail (without getting trampled by the large ones)!

Sometimes animals will just ignore you but there are occasions where they’ll look you straight in the eye with all the expression we see in people. Bugs, on the other hand, don’t seem to pay much attention to the camera, instead spending their time enjoying pollen on top of flowers or searching for a one-size-smaller bug for lunch.

This type of photography, like most others I’ve found, causes you to really notice details – sometimes while shooting and other times after you’re back home and looking at your shots from the day. An example is the ant on the red flower; obviously I knew I was shooting with a macro lens and that I was very close to it, but the sheer detail of the tiny wisps of hair on the ant escaped me in the moment.

It’s fun to see these close-up features of animals and bugs – and without a camera, you likely won’t be noticing the eyelashes on a cow or the whiskers on a giraffe!

Here are some photographs where I went in and cropped even tighter to get more detail – on everything from a cow to an ant!

Do you enjoy taking pictures of animals, maybe your pets? What’s one animal you’ve never photographed, but hope to one day? Be sure to comment below!

December 15, 2021



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