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Grateful For Feature Selections Of My Photographs (Another One Today!)

Introducing a new entity like The Daily Artisan involves reaching out to lots of audiences through different vehicles – and entering Instagram photography competitions is something I’ve recently started doing because featured photos open doors to the various hubs’ followers.

And I’m happy to report another photograph has been selected! (I’ll spare you details of the little victory dance I do each time it happens…)

This flower photograph has been selected in a “Yellow and Green” themed competition by Instagram hub @rebel_colors, with 2,720 followers. I’ve been admiring @rebel_colors since starting on Instagram, and I’m over the moon with a feature selection.

It is part of the Rebels United family of hubs, whose nine separate hubs have a total of 73,915 followers. (“Hello … may I introduce you to The Daily Artisan?!”)

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the feature selection – thank you, @rebel_colors!

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June 9, 2022



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