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Gratitude and Pink Carnations

While not the most exotic flower, the carnation is as pretty as they come with its subtle shades and ruffled rows of frilly petals.

And the fact that the pink carnation universally symbolizes gratitude is representative of its enduring quality.

For today’s post by The Daily Artisan, I photographed pink carnations with a variety of props while experimenting with a black-reflective surface – and added some meaningful quotes about gratitude that especially inspire me.

Those who read my recent post about finding photography props on a trip to Arcadia’s antique shops will see some of my finds in the photos I took this afternoon!

Pink and Black

The juxtaposition of the informal carnation with a more formal dark setting is interesting to me, and I like mixing things up this way with photographs.

Also, I just can’t resist the combination of pink and black as a reminder of my childhood’s black and pale pink leotards and tights for ballet class!

Value of Gratitude

Studies consistently show that people who practice intentional and mindful gratitude live far fuller, happier, and healthier lives than those who do not.

When we’re grateful, it causes us to feel joy, contentment, connection with others, physical and mental strength, and optimism. Getting in the habit of looking for things to be grateful for – in both good and bad situations – has a lasting, positive effect on our state of mind and our life.

Maybe we should reach for pink carnations more often!

Do you have a favorite saying about living a life of gratitude? Please comment below!


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    Elaine Lester

    February 13, 2022

    Have always liked carnations. Love the different ways you displayed them.


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