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Honoring My Farmer Grandfathers on National Agriculture Day Today

Today is National Agriculture Day 2022, and we honor all those whose hands and hearts produce our country’s food and fiber. As you go about your day, think of all the ways agriculture plays an essential role in our sustenance and comfort!

Approximately 22 million farmers and others work in agriculture and related fields through a variety of careers in the United States. And, the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) estimates that one in 12 American jobs is dependent on agriculture.

My grandfathers were Georgia farmers, and my family over the years has been fortunate to know the value of fresh foods on our table. In my first-ever post for The Daily Artisan, I talked about coming from a long tradition of making things with your hands, including food, and the importance of this in our lives.

In today’s post for The Daily Artisan, I’m featuring some of my photographs of agriculture’s bounty – let’s don’t ever take it for granted or stop appreciating the people who make it happen day in, day out!

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