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Hurricane, pray tell, which will it be this time?

Wind or water.

Hurricane, pray tell, which will it be this time? 

Which will take our people?

We step over chunks of collapsed concrete and earth-snatched trees to silently approach the remembrance wall.

Flowers, names, crosses, candles.

Our missing and our gone.

It fronts a backdrop of tumbled boats on top of each other; a crane to unjumble the pile; and a high-rise saved … because this time … it was the water.

Houses and people, boats and souls.

They lie in the wake of a monster who wouldn’t, couldn’t stop until it had torn apart everything in its path.

We’re angry … as loud as the howling winds staking their claims to history … as furious as the rushing waters that kept coming and coming, higher and higher.

Tomorrow can be about the science and the religion and the build-it-back spirit.

Tonight, we rage.

Hurricane Ian. September 28, 2022.



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