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I Choose The Color … Pink

Chances are good when I reach for a watercolor or flower or cupcake frosting, it’s going to be … pink!

And while turquoise is my favorite color, pink always commands my attention and interest for all kinds of creative pursuits from photography to baking to artwork.

Color theory is interesting and tells a lot about why we gravitate toward certain colors, and how various colors make us feel and act.

Pink symbolizes sensitivity, tenderness, femininity, calm, romance, and charm, and some of the prettiest names for pink shades are blush, primrose, peony, ballet slipper, and taffy.

My earliest recollections of admiring pink as a young girl were little pink dresses and bonnets for my baby dolls, and also in ballet class where we wore black and the palest pink for our leotards, tights, and ballet slippers.

No wonder I still love the color with these wonderful memories!

Today’s blog post by The Daily Artisan continues a theme from the past week featuring some of my photographs in a particular color. Today we celebrate pink in all its splendor!

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April 26, 2022



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