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I Know Better Than This …

On Saturday when I was out early with my camera – and stumbled onto a glorious blue daybreak – I also came closer than I’d like to an alligator! 

My (duck-booted) feet weren’t in the lake but I was right on the water’s edge to get good photos of the shoreline grasses and wildflowers. And when I looked out further in the water, that’s when I saw him.

Granted he was a small gator and about 40 yards away, but he was on the move swimming. I slowly backed up onto the bank and then got on a dock down the way so I could get some photos of the alligator – and mainly get away!

He seemed more interested in shorebirds off to my right, but it was a good reminder that I know better than to be where I was especially at this time of year when our Florida alligators are speed dating. I’ve seen very large alligators in this lake, and although this one was small, I’m going to be smarter going forward. Can you say “ZOOM lens??!”

Regardless, I got these several pretty photos (from the dock) with the blue morning all around, despite there being an alligator in them! Be smart, be safe!

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