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It’s Not An Art Installation. It’s An Actual Floating Mosaic Plant (And It’s Gorgeous!)

When I came upon these gorgeous mosaics in a garden pond at Naples Botanical Garden over the weekend, I thought it was an art installation because I’d never seen anything like it.

My jaw dropped when I realized it is an actual plant — made by Mother Nature — and it is stunning!

The official name is “Ludwigia Sediodes,” and when I researched it, I found that it:

  1. requires garden pond water temperatures of 70 to 75 degrees;
  2. is native to Brazil and Venezuela;
  3. can be purchased for planting through aquatic nurseries;
  4. has a bloom season of June through August;
  5. is planted in 4″ to 18″ of controlled-pond water;
  6. has roots that extend to the bottom of the water body; and
  7. appears to float on the water as rosettes of patterned mosaics.

To repeat — it’s gorgeous!

If you’re anywhere near the Naples Botanical Garden, you’ve just got to see this thing of wonder and beauty!

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