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Let Me Introduce You To …

Like yesterday’s first time photographing Delphinium, today’s also is a first for me. I learned they’re called Purple Matsumoto Aster, and they’re such cheerful flowers!

I’d like to say I planned the whimsical, polka-dot bokeh up and down the stems … but … it was a macro-lens happy surprise! 

Researching the Purple Matsumoto Aster yielded that the word “aster” is from the Greek word for “star.” The bright yellow centers are surrounded by a ring of purple, individual, tubular flowers … surrounded by a ring of tiny leaves. All in all, each flower is approximately 1.5 inches diameter. 

Fun! Now what new will I photograph tomorrow?! And, what about you??!

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August 31, 2022
September 2, 2022



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