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Little Art, Big Time

Not all of your daily creative endeavors have to be big projects, and after the past few days photographing and blogging about the Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo, I just wanted to do something creatively small today.

And even though it was little art, I had a big time doing it!

The term “big time” means to most people something that’s important or successful (as in you made it big time), but growing up in the South, “big time” meant having an enjoyable experience (as in you had great fun).

Today I had an enjoyable, big time making little art card paintings with gold and silver metallic watercolors – and it was exactly the relaxing, low-key creative project I wanted to do!

As for the simple supplies, they were:

  • Small, hand-torn deckled-edge watercolor paper cards sized 3 1/2″ x 5″ from Leather and Earth Co., and matching envelopes;
  • Coliro Pearlcolors metallic watercolors in shades of gold and silver;
  • Small cup of water;
  • Drawing pencil;
  • COPIC Multiliner inking pen;
  • Princeton Neptune watercolor brushes in sizes 0 and 2; and
  • Cosmo Cricket’s Tiny Text stickers.

Usually I’m not a metallics person for much of anything, but today I wanted to try this set of various shades of gold and silver watercolors I’d never used before.

I lightly sketched each of the four card fronts with a pencil, and then watercolored them in at least two of the metallic paints. After this, I inked and embellished the drawing over the watercolors, and added a tiny sticker with a saying on it.

From the many tiny choices, the four stickers I selected were:

  • Follow your heart;
  • Celebrate your creativity;
  • Trust your heart; and
  • Celebrate simplicity.

As for the subjects, I decided to draw a flower; some balloons; an ice cream cone; and an umbrella.

The cards are flat, and while the front is cold-pressed watercolor paper, the back is the smoother surface where you can write your message. I love the irregular and informal card shapes due to the hand-torn deckled edges, and the feel of the watercolor paper is great.

Surprisingly, the USPS will mail these small cards – actually, this is the smallest size allowed. You also could use them as gift tags or inserts. I realized after I’d photographed them for this blog post of The Daily Artisan that I didn’t sign the artwork, which I’ll probably do in tiny black lettering.

The most important thing is to do something creative each day – and it’s not about the size of the project or degree of complexity.

Making these small cards today was really enjoyable – LITTLE art but a BIG time!

What little creative things do you enjoy doing? Please comment below!

March 14, 2022



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