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Looking For The Little Things

In our day-in, day-out grind of life with its emphasis on big things and the next bigger things, rarely do we take the opportunity to look for the little things.

But when we do – and find them – it can have a profoundly positive impact on how we see the world.

One of my favorite photographs … like favorite things are wont to do … came about as a complete surprise. With camera in hand, I was walking through a sea of green blades of tall grass, focused more on where I was going than where I was.

All of a sudden, like a tiny phoenix rising from the grasses, a perfectly-formed, pale-pink flower caught my eye. It was barely noticeable among all the green as far as the eye could see, but it literally made me stop in my tracks and quietly raise my camera to my face.

One of the things I love most about photography is how the camera “eye” sees things our true eyes don’t. We have blind spots – literally where the optic nerve meets the retina – but more so, where our mind’s assumptions prevent us from seeing things that are right in front of us.

On this particular day as I walked through the grasses, my camera was relaxed by my side because I didn’t think – other than grass – there would be anything to photograph until I got to where I was going on the other side.

That was until I came upon the pink flower.

I’ve noticed over the years that at certain times when I’m seeing something special and photographing it, I’m holding my breath – literally. It’s like even a small expelled breath could mess up something beautiful before me, and it was like this with the pink flower.

On other occasions, I’ll photograph flowers and see them as my mind assumes them – beautiful colors and shapes yet missing some amazing detail (or visitors like insects) until I get home and take a look at what pictures I got that day. The camera sees it all, including those unique details our human eyes don’t always see or notice.

It’s pretty magical when these kinds of things happen, and photography opens up the world for all the beautiful, little things.

In today’s post by The Daily Artisan, I’m sharing some of my flower photographs with details not always noticed on first glance, or worse yet, on passing by without even a look.

And while details in some of the photos knowingly were taken with a macro, close-up lens, others were a complete surprise when I downloaded and enlarged my shots back home. Filament hairs and cellophane wings often emerge for a complete look at what was before you.

Look for the little things. They actually may be the big things that matter most.

What are some little things you consider to be important, big things? Be sure to comment below!

February 14, 2022



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