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Mr. Lizard Wins An Instagram Photography Feature!

This morning I’m happy to report that Mr. Lizard (with his brightly-colored orange dewlap) has won a photograph feature on Instagram by a new hub!

Followers of The Daily Artisan blog will know I posted about photographing the lizard on Sunday – and included in that blog was my newfound knowledge of the retractable dewlap on this (official name) Brown Anole (a/k/a lizard)!

This particular Instagram hub is @macro_trouble_nature, and I’m delighted to have the lizard photograph selected for a feature in the hub’s gallery.

The @macro_trouble_nature is a new hub and currently has 162 followers, who’ve now been introduced to The Daily Artisan. It’s part of a hub family with more than 7,000 followers. Each day I’m continuing to research different hubs on Instagram and entering some of my photographs into various competitions.

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the selection – thank you, @macro_trouble_nature!

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