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My Easter Bunnies Wear Board Shorts, and Elizabeth Taylor Turbans!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays with its many creative inspirations, and the thing I enjoy most is drawing and outfitting little bunnies.

And just because they’re (technically) rabbits doesn’t mean they can’t wear fancy dresses; Elizabeth Taylor turbans; polka-dotted overalls; spectacular hats; wedge-heeled shoes; and board shorts!

For the bunnies I start with pencil sketches and then ink them – followed by color with COPIC Sketch Markers, or watercolors. Before color is added, though, they’re scanned in black and white so I can hand color or paint each one for various uses.

Some become Easter greeting cards; gift tags; envelope embellishments; and little pictures.

So, without further ado, today’s post for The Daily Artisan is a collection of some of my original bunnies for you on this day before Easter. (Some appear small in this post, but each set can be enlarged and clicked through continuously.)

Hippity, hoppity!

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