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No “Bloom Off The Rose” For These Tulips

Last week I brought home pink tulips for photography competitions on Instagram, and the flowers were beautiful draped in polka-dotted tulle and wrapped in lace rosettes.

The photographs were shared here on The Daily Artisan in an earlier post, and yesterday it was time to discard the tulips.

Maybe it was the way the golden hour light was streaming through my windows, but as I looked at the tulips they still were pretty, albeit in a different way from their initial bloom (and photographic debut).

Hmmm … what would it hurt to trim the stems again and place them in a smaller vase filled with fresh water? And placing them in front of a marbled-pink background would take only a few minutes.

Not really thinking anything much other than the obvious effects from the golden light, I picked up my camera and started shooting – and I swear, the tulips became prettier with each shot!

Their form was different now – not shaped so much like traditional tulips but rather more open and relaxed. Their pinkness had faded but into more subtle shades with blush and yellow, and the “sunburst” detail (not seen before) inside the petals was pretty. Some edges were crinkling. They weren’t better or worse. Different, but in a fetching way.

I fell in love all over again with what on initial blush (pun intended) was a bunch of faded flowers headed for the trash!

There are so many obvious metaphors here there’s no need to spell them out. Just suffice it to say, in addition to an important life lesson reminder, I got one more day of enjoyment out of the flowers, and photography subjects that showed prettily on a golden afternoon at my house!

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May 29, 2022



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