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Optimism of Oranges (and Yellows)

Optimism is a way of thinking and seeing things when we feel good about how they’ll work out in the future. When we’re optimistic, we tend to look on the more favorable aspects and expect that positive things will happen when we have a good attitude and do our best.

As with the many nutritious benefits of orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, so, too, exist significant health benefits from living an optimistic life.

In recent posts Reverie of Reds and Goodness of Greens, I described getting joyously lost in colors, which happens to photographers, artists, and all admirers of color. Those posts captured the lively and lovely shades of red and green fruits and vegetables, and today’s post takes up with oranges and yellows.

Science tells us that orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin C, and beta-carotene – offering health benefits for everything from our eyes to our skin, bones, and heart.

Oranges and yellows are “cheery” produce, likely why they’re associated with the positive outlook of optimism. Maybe it’s why they’re so enjoyable to photograph!

Today we celebrate the optimism of orange and yellow with some of my photographs of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy!

What orange or yellow fruit or vegetable do you eat that makes you feel virtuously healthy and optimistic? Please share below!



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