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Orange-Haired Art Doll … Or Whatever Else You Choose!

Creativity by its very nature is unique and personal, and unlike some things in life, artistic expressions can be exactly what you want to make them!

Think about how we were as children when handed a blank piece of paper and colorful crayons to create anything of our choosing. Instead of telling ourselves that what we drew and colored wouldn’t be good enough (or other such negative self-talk), we just got busy making a picture!

That’s how it should be no matter how old we are – confidently, and where your only limits are your own imagination.

Be sure to give yourself permission to create things that are purely because you want to make them, and enjoy the freedom and opportunity in the process. With today’s blog post for The Daily Artisan, I’m sharing a 10″ x 10″ collage that started with a single thought … to make an orange-haired art doll!

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you know I really enjoy making paper doll art, and this collage is another example. Also if you’ve been following along, you know I name these girls – so today let me introduce you to Sarabeth!

Since all I knew was that she would have bright orange hair, I went through my various supplies and gathered things around this color that would be paired with pink.

The 10″ x 10″collage base is wood, with a hanging slot on the back, or it can be placed on a small easel for a tabletop.

Other items I pulled together for the project were acrylic paints to mix my colors; ribbons; three-dimensional pearl “jewels;” patterned paper for her skirt and the background; complementary papers to make small, die-cut flowers; and a quote to go onto the collage – “Flowers are Love’s Truest Language.” (American poet Park Benjamin, Sr.)

From here, I’ll let the photographs show the steps from initially drawing Sarabeth in pencil to ending with the collage hanging on a wall (and shown on a table).

Just don’t ever forget to let your creativity take you in the direction of your choosing, orange-haired art doll or whatever you want to make!

How do you start your creative process? Do you enjoy making something that’s uniquely your idea?! Please comment below!

March 3, 2022



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