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Orange/Olive Oil/Honey Bread Photograph Selected in Competition!

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea today would bring such wonderful surprises – two photographs selected in Instagram challenges!

Earlier today I posted about the selection of the pink roses and antique bottles photograph by Instagram hub @asi_es_antiguo.

And then this afternoon, I received notification that my photograph of an orange/olive oil/honey bread I bake has been selected as a winner in the hub @colorful_challenges competition with the theme of “orange.”

Over the moon does not even come close!

Those who follow The Daily Artisan likely will recognize the photograph as I’ve used it in a couple of blog posts about the versatility of yellows and oranges, and orange as a color of adventure, warmth and creativity. And, it’s one of the four display photographs I chose for The Daily Artisan website’s homepage.

It’s a tasty orange/olive oil/honey bread I bake – and quickly photograph before diving in. Be sure to enlarge the photo and see what’s inside the drop of honey that’s just about to fall. (If I told you I did this intentionally it would not be true. It was a big surprise to me when I looked at the photograph in the camera!)

The @colorful_challenges hub on Instagram has 1,360 followers, and holds photo competitions around various themes. With its competition for “orange,” there were 474 photographs entered – and I didn’t think I had a chance in heck to have one of the six winning spots. Surprise!

Here’s the Instagram announcement about the selection – thanks, @colorful_challenges!

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