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Over The Moon With “Solo Feature Photographer” Win!

Very exciting news to share today! Some of the photography competition hubs on Instagram sometimes will select multiple pictures from a single photographer and feature them as a group gallery (vs. the more usual way of selecting one picture per winner).

I’m thrilled to have been named the “Solo Feature Photographer” in a themed “Lavender” competition by an Instagram hub!  As such, the hub showcased five of my purple photos, and extra promotional things were done, for which I am very grateful.

 This is my first such “bonus” win and I am over the moon!  

This particular hub is @colorquestweekly, currently with 1,017 followers. This makes a total of eight photographs selected by this Instagram hub, and I’m very grateful for the introduction to the beautiful hub’s followers. The previous photographs selected were (1) (for my first-ever win!) red rosebud with pink and red background; (2) mosaic floating plant on a pond; and (3) multicolored parrot.

Here are the Instagram announcements about the solo feature win – thank you, @colorquestweekly! (Below are the five individual photographs.)

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July 20, 2022
July 22, 2022



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