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Peonies Are Pretty At All Points

The progression of flowers from small buds to full blooms is fascinating to watch, and the spectacular peony is especially beautiful at all stages of its development.

Yesterday while visiting Wild at Heart Flower Truck (an awesome mobile flower bar I posted about), I was thrilled to see peonies at various points of life!

It’s as if they were waiting for me to show up, and I quickly scooped up a large pink full bloom; a medium white bloom in process; and two small, tightly wound buds of promise.

I could hardly wait to get them in front of my camera!

Today’s blog post by The Daily Artisan contains photographs I took of the peonies in natural light. Over the next week, I plan to periodically photograph the two buds to capture their development – what a pretty flower they’re becoming!

Enjoy the peonies in today’s photographs! They’re great examples of the gorgeous, high-quality flowers available at Willow the Wild at Heart Flower Truck!

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