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Products for My Store – Part 1

Deciding what products to sell in my new online store at The Daily Artisan has been both fun and challenging!  With so many ideas, I decided to open with a small selection of note card sets, and 2022 calendars – all made with my photography.  Whether walking beaches or staring at stunning sunsets or styling foods I’ve made and decorated, I draw a lot of inspiration from the colors and patterns and hope you’ll also find inspiration in them.

I pored over my large photography archive to determine which would be good choices for these two product types in the store.  As indicated in an earlier blog, no stock photography is used on the website or in the store items –  all of the photographs, artwork, and design you see are my originals.  (This is a good place for a reminder that the use of the photographs, artwork, and designs on The Daily Artisan website and in the store products without my written permission is strictly prohibited.  All rights have been reserved through copyright.)

As part of the process for product development, I placed multiple sample orders of my photographs with four major printing companies to compare everything from their print quality to ship time, pricing, and customer service.  Of these companies in California; New York; Kansas; and London, England with United States locations, I selected two for different products – one in Kansas, and the other headquartered in London with my U.S. location in Rhode Island.  I think you’ll be pleased with the high-quality printing.  Everything is sent to me first so I personally can inspect the items before orders are shipped to customers.

I have more products in the works, but here’s a rundown and a bit of backstory on the first items available from The Daily Artisan!

2022 Calendar (12 Months) – Farm Fruits and Vegetables

Enjoy the beauty of nature’s bounty 365 days of the year with a new photograph each month for January 2022 through December 2022.  The center-fold calendar is 11” x 8.5”, spiral-bound, and with a hole for wall hanging if desired. 

I shot all the calendar photos with a Nikon D850 camera (watch for a future post about my favorite photography equipment).  My neighborhood Publix has become accustomed to seeing me shop with a cart full of one color of – or sometimes mixed colors of – fresh fruits and vegetables who will be “starring” in that day’s photoshoot!  It’s a lot of fun deciding on backdrops and props for the photos while styling the food in various “poses.”  (Be sure to read an upcoming blog about the time I made blackberries audition!)

Selecting the professional printing company for my calendars was a months-long process.  I ordered a number of them made with my photos on various paper types offered by the companies.  From these tests, I can tell you that only one – the calendars sold by The Daily Artisan – has a paper that can be written on in the calendar blocks without ink smudges (or the need for a special art pen).  Professionally printed by a company in Kansas, the calendars in my store are made of a luxurious paper that’s archival, acid-free, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

Check out the Farm Fruits and Vegetables calendar here.

2022 Calendar (12 Months) – The Beautiful Blues

Enjoy nature’s serene beauty with these shades of blue 365 days of the year, with a new photograph each month for January 2022 through December 2022.  The center-fold calendar is 11” x 8.5”, spiral-bound, and with a hole for wall hanging if desired.

Curating my photos for this special color theme was something I really enjoyed, given my love for all shades of blue.  These calendar photos were shot at various beaches and lakes in Florida and Georgia.  Be sure to check out the ocean’s stunning turquoise reflection in the windows of a blue house standing on a beautiful Florida beach! 

Check out The Beautiful Blues calendar here.

Tomorrow’s “Part 2” post will take up where this one leaves off … in the meantime, what other things in blue should I photograph?  What about another color theme for a new collection?  Please leave your comments below!



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