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Purple Flowers Selected For Macro Photography Feature On Instagram!

A macro photography hub on Instagram has selected this photograph of two small purple flowers for a gallery feature, and I’m over the moon!

The flowers have a diameter of smaller than a quarter, and the yellow and white flowers that dot the tops are tiny. As you can see, I shot the flower with a macro lens on my camera in order to get exacting detail in part of the photograph and dreamy blurs in other parts.

This was the first time I’d entered a photograph to this particular Instagram hub @macrolights_shuttery, which has 500 followers who’ve now been introduced to The Daily Artisan. It’s part of a family of hubs, also including @greenlights_shuttery (for nature and landscape) and @wildlights_shuttery (for wildlife animals and insects).

Here’s the Instagram announcement for the selection – thank you, @macrolights_shuttery!

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