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Red And Yellow Colors Photographed Together … From Beloved To Bad Attitude!

Today I entered a photography competition with the theme of “Red and Yellow,” and as I reviewed my archives for pictures to submit, I was reminded of the vast differences in some of my previously shot red and yellow photos!

For example, we have the iconic and beloved Winnie the Pooh (found my childhood one packed away and brought him out for photographs earlier this year for “National Winnie the Pooh Day”)!

And, then on the other hand, we have what turned out to be a seriously bad-attitude bird I photographed one day! And when I say “bad attitude,” trust me on it. He didn’t like me or my camera, so I got my shots and moved away quickly!

It’s unclear why this particular bird was so ornery (hmmm … it just occurred to me how similar the words “ornery” and “ornithology” are …). It may be that he read my mind thinking with his over-the-top hair and what looked like a leopard-print cape thrown over his shoulders, he looked like a flamboyant professional wrestler or an aging rock star.

Regardless of the reason for his clear dislike of me (think scowling with those beady eyes and that pointy beak!), we shall see if he wins in the photography competition!

Here are some of the red and yellow photographs I found today. I think we know why one is a beloved stuffed animal for little children, and the other is … well, not!

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July 12, 2022



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