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Saturday’s Still-Life Photography Challenge

The Daily Artisan is all about finding ways to be creative every day, and my challenge today was to style and shoot a variety of still-life photographs from six props.

Some of the props already were in hand, and the others (plus the fresh flowers) are (oldly) new from an antiques shopping trip yesterday to Arcadia, Florida.

The Props

While I didn’t use all six props in every photograph, they’re all represented in one or more of them. The props are:

  1. pinkish-purple tulips;
  2. a bunch of dried lavender;
  3. a purple satin ribbon;
  4. an antique, pewter trophy with engraved monogram;
  5. a burlap bag; and
  6. a little book called “Tourist’s French Pronouncing Handbook with French Quotations, Proverbs & Phrases.”

The Photographs

It was so much fun trying different scenes and styling approaches, as well as mixed groupings of the props before taking the photographs – and if there’s a more enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, I don’t know what it would be.

Enjoy the photographs, and hopefully they will give you the old-world feeling I was looking to portray with them!

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May 13, 2022



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